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Joint Literary Performance—Intersection of Literature and Drama
2014-12-06, 2014-12-07, 2014-12-14
When lead type first met the paper page, literature was magnified. When it was performed on the stage there was a whole new world of senses involved, and artists produced new interpretations by using the human body, sound, and shadow to express a textual viewpoint. And so an opened cage, a called-out “I love you,” a choreographed poem...
Happy beyond Birthday! The 10th Anniversary Celebrations of Children’s Literature Reading Room:  A Treasure Trove of Literature Designed Exclusively for Letting Your Kids’ Imagination Fly
Located on the first floor at the right wing of the NMTL, a large literary tree with branches extended on the white wall of a cozy reading area of children’s classics. Stooping to enter the big trunk...
10th Anniversary
Since the National Museum of Taiwan Literature began operations on 17 October 2003, it is its 10th anniversary, which opened on. We have planned the NMTL 10th...
Dialogue with Masters
With the rise of heteroglossia and polyphony, the exchange and dialogue between different fields and heterogeneous groups become not only increasingly difficult but also exceptionally important. For this reason, the Dialogue with Masters speech series this year aims at building a development model ...
National Graduate Student Conference on Taiwan Literature
To encourage academic research in and promote exchange and interaction among graduate students of Taiwan, the NMTL began organizing in 2004 the National Graduate Student Conference on Taiwan Literature in collaboration with the graduate institute of Taiwan literature of different universities. Each ...
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