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  1.  Overview: Take the elevator from the 1st Floor Hall of Literary Arts to the library located on the 1st level basement (B1). Natural lighting bathes the library and its various sections. With a focus on Taiwan literature, the library presents an extensive collection of relevant books and related materials. Atmosphere entwines with content to provide the ideal environment to immerse oneself in local literature and experience the vitality that underpins Taiwan’s literary heritage.
  2. Literary Shelves: The literary shelves organize the NMTL’s significant collections of literary works including modern essays, modern poetry, novels and scripts. Genres covered include so-called “nativist”, reportage, “mother tongue”, and indigenous literatures, among others. Coupled with historical data, memoirs, literary critiques and comparative analyses, the NMTL’s extensive collection will help the researcher and casual visitor alike better understand the effect of time, space and experience on the writings of Taiwan authors.
  3. Multimedia Zone: This section includes documentary films & other audio / visual materials on Taiwan history and geography, traditional arts, authors and other relevant topics as well as movies and related serialized television programs. Please review a printed catalogue of all available materials at the Multimedia service counter. Use your NMTL readers’ card to check out items of interest.
  4. Periodicals Corner: The periodicals corner is segregated into a section featuring current issues and one to search previous issues. The nearly 100 distinct periodicals in our collection fall primarily into the categories of literature and related academic research. All periodicals are available for reading in the library.
  5. Theme Area: This area features books, periodicals and A/V materials on topics relevant to themes targeted in current NMTL exhibits. The Theme Area helps reinforce the messages of museum exhibits by encouraging visitors sit down afterward and reading further on related topics.
  6. Academic Thesis: Shelves are dedicated primarily to related masters’ and doctoral theses, and are open to the public for reading and reference.The NMTL regularly solicits domestic and international thesis submissions related to the field of Taiwan literature.
  7. NMTL Publications: This section stores books published by the NMTL over the years. Categories include author compilations, exhibition catalogues, literary award compilations, literary camp award compilations, seminar paper compilations, and other books related to the field of Taiwan literature. For a comprehensive list of NMTL publications please click on and search the webpage: Authors & Publications.
  8. Research Reports: This section maintains final reports on research studies commissioned by the NMTL over the years. All are formally published documents that represent a strong reference resource.
  9. Special Collections (opened to the public in September 2006): This section makes available to the public its extensive collection of original works and materials. Collection access applications, usage restrictions and other rules are handled in accordance with NMTL Special Collections Regulations. The open Special Collections reading shelves contain printed reproductions of original works and may be handled and read without restriction. A printed catalogue of all available reprinted works is available at the library service counter.
  10. Research Stacks: Located on the 2nd level basement (B2), these stacks contain reference material useful primarily to those engaged in literary research. Please apply to Reader Services for access to the Research Stacks.
  11. Engagingly Inviting: the Children’s Literature Reading RoomChildren’s Literature Reading Room: Located along the right wing of the NMTL building’s 1st floor, the Reading Room is dedicated to Taiwan literature written primarily for children. The Room is especially designed for children aged 0 to 13 and their parents. Various sections focus on relevant Taiwan literature, reference books, illustrated literature, teen literature, special theme literature, parent-child sharing, and periodicals. The Reading Room sponsors promotional activities and works to broaden kids’ minds and horizons through a multifaceted, fun menu of theme exhibits, volunteer readers, child-parent activities, and roundtable events. The room is geared to encourage young readers to learn to love exploring and catch the excitement of reading. Books in the Children’s Literature Reading Room are for enjoyment onsite only and may not be checked out or taken off premises.
Spacious Bookshelves, NMTL Literary Library The NMTL Library is Open to the Public
Search our Collection Quickly & Conveniently Using the Online NMTL Digital Catalogue Periodicals Available Near the Literary Library Entrance
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