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The Journal of Taiwan Literary Studies
The Journal of Taiwan Literary Studies

The Journal of Taiwan Literary Studies is the core periodical of the Taiwan Humanities Department and solicits articles in both Chinese (or native languages in Taiwan) and English throughout the year.

Journal Online: http://journal.nmtl.gov.tw/

This journal is the only literary academic publication of a Taiwan government agency. It solicits research articles on Taiwan literature written in Chinese (or native languages in Taiwan--Taiwanese, Hakka, and aboriginal languages) and English throughout the year for both specific themes and generalized areas. Articles on specific themes must be submitted by the deadline for the corresponding issue, while general articles may be submitted anytime during the year.

Currently, the Journal is publishing issue No. 22 (April 2016). Each issue contains an average of seven to eight articles. To date there have been 17 specific themes: Prose, Ancient Literature, Folk Literature, Novel, Indigenous Literature, Ethnic Literature, Women’s Literature, Nature Writing, Modern Poetry, Drama, Popular Literature, Military Topics, Overseas Student Literature, Modernism, Taiwan Film, Regional Literature and the History of Taiwan Literature, and Historical Writing (literature and history, historical imagination). Each special issue has been a reflection of contemporary research on Taiwan literature, and right now new topics continue to be planned. Currently the results have been fruitful and substantial but increased effort is still required to attract more contributions in English in order to develop the journal in an international direction.

Following are some brief guidelines for article submission:

  1. The Journal is a semi-annual publication published in April and October. It solicits and accepts articles all year round, while each theme issue submission deadline is in December and June.
  2. Researchers in any area of Taiwan literature are welcomed to submit articles. The Journal publishes three types of articles: theme articles, general articles (non-theme articles), and literary criticism (including review of literature, research trends, and book reviews). Theme and general articles have a word limit of 30,000 Chinese characters; literary criticism is limited to 5,000 Chinese characters.
  3. Articles submitted to the Journal shall be original material in a field related to Taiwan literature and be written in either Chinese (or native languages in Taiwan--Taiwanese, Hakka, and aboriginal languages) or English; in addition, articles submitted to this Journal may not, at the same time, be submitted in their entirety to, or published in, any other periodical or book. Unfortunately, we do not accept translations, reportage, or academic theses or dissertations. Submitted articles all go through the editorial board and are sent to academic specialists for evaluation using the double blind peer review process. Authors of articles accepted for publication will receive two copies of the relevant issue of the Journal and 20 offprints of the article. There is no remuneration for articles accepted for publication.
  4. Format: Title/Author/Abstract (300 characters)/Key Words (three to six)/ Text/ Appendix/References. (After the article is accepted for publication, an abstract and key words in English are required.)
  5. Authors are requested as much as possible to prepare their articles using WORD and to send a hard copy on standard manuscript paper together with a corresponding file on a CD to:

    Editorial Board
    The Journal of Taiwan Literary Studies
    National Museum of Taiwan Literature
    No.1, Zhongzheng Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan City 700, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

    Authors may also send an email with an attachment to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  6. For writing format and other key items, please download information at the Museum’s website: http://www.nmtl.gov.tw or contact the Museum by telephone at: 06-2217201#2201.

Last updated 2016-8-25

    This Journal is included in “Core Publications, Taiwan Humanities and Social Sciences Citation Index”
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