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Hours of Business: 08:30~22:00
Tel: 06-2214632
Types of Items Sold: Espresso Coffees, French Ices, Whole Wheat Submarine Sandwiches, Sandwiches, Fresh-Made Salads, and Cakes & Other Desserts

Food, more than just sustenance, embodies your attitude toward life.

Only the Freshest Fruits & Vegetables;
Our Juice is Never Poured from a Can;
Aromatic Coffee Made from Fair Trade Beans;
Fresh Handmade Whole Wheat Breads;
We Use the Highest Grade Olive Oils,
Organic Mediterranean Sea Salt,
and Homemade Sauces and Seasonings.

Cheffresh Leaves No Detail Unattended.

From ingredient selection through to final preparation and presentation, our priorities are freshness and palate-pleasing taste. Vegetables, fruits, breads … everything is healthy and easy on the digestive system.

Prices are easy on the wallet as well. Even our specialty submarine sandwiches are reasonably priced to encourage customers to savor all the deliciously paired ingredients layered between whole wheat French bread baked right on the premises. One bite and you’ll be convinced we are serious about good food!

Every item receives careful attention. Don’t overlook that small glass of juice served with your breakfast set – it’s always fresh squeezed.

While it all may appear easy, every step is tailored to infuse good taste into everything we make – to let you sit back, relax and savor each bite.

Cheffresh Literary Café (1st Floor, NMTL)

Cheffresh Specializes in Palette Pleasing Sandwiches, Salads, Beverages and More. The Cheffresh Menu Features Dozens of Desserts & Drinks
Imported Cookies, Cheffresh Literary Café The Cheffresh Literary Café Provides a Welcome, Relaxing Environment
Opening Hours
Tues. to Sun.
from 9:00 to 18:00
Free Admission
No.1, Zhongzheng Rd., West Central District, Tainan City 70041, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
(+886) 6-221-7201
Web Priority A Plus Accessibility Approval