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Taiwan Literature Classroom

Taiwan Literature Classroom Programs are designed to foster creative literary talent and expand the “literary population.” This course of studies is comprised of a two-semester system, the first semester going from March to June and the second semester from September to December. It features a small-class format (25 students) with a diverse student body that includes in-service teachers, retired teachers, graduate students, office workers, and housewives. Each class runs 2.5 hours for a period of 12 weeks. Tuition for new students is NT$1,000, while former students pay a tuition of only NT$800. Anyone who attends 10 or more classes (combined) is eligible to receive a Study Certificate. A weekly class schedule is accessible on the Classroom blog. (http://xdcm.nmtl.gov.tw/tlc)

The course topics of the Taiwan Literature Classroom are diverse and extensive, mainly focusing on literature appreciation and creativity. For example, Taiwanese Vernacular Literature, Fiction Writing, Modern Poetry, Prose, Children’s Literature, etc. Peripheral courses are also actively developed. For example, there is Literary and Visual Narration, Cultural Understanding and Literary Writing—Musical and Travel Literature, the Practice of Literature, etc., which attract the non-literary public. Course hours are flexible and classes are held on weekdays, evenings and weekends for the convenience of the public.

Since its inception in 2011, the Taiwan Literature Classroom has now moved into its 10th Session. The current session has four courses. Huang Jinglian and Shi Binghua were invited to lecture on “Taiwanese Vernacular Opera.” Yan Zhongzheng, Lin Dejun and others jointed lectured on “Creative Copywriting.” Jian Yiming, Wu Mingyi, and others jointly lectured on “Bridging Literary Boundaries—Non-fiction Writing.” Finally, Xu Rongzhe and Chen Rongsheng presented a “Movie Script Workshop.” Classes were all filled and attracted a great number of literature enthusiasts.

The distinctive feature of the Taiwan Literature Classroom course is not just the static studying in the classroom itself. In order that students get more out of their studies and participate in some hands-on coursework, they are encouraged to go outside the classroom and come back and share with teachers and fellow students what they learn. For example in “Non-fiction Writing” students are required on their own to produce verbatim transcripts of interviews they do. Teacher Chen Yufeng leads a group of students deep into the forests to do fieldwork. For “Creative Copywriting,” students start out from the practical aspects of the job and through group discussions and on-site photographs, they produce ad copy for a real estate project.

The Taiwan Literature Classroom is open, mobile, and one where people share. We don’t care about how well you can write for we believe the charm of the written word is the willingness to use words to tell your own story.

Last Updated on 2017-05-30
Opening Hours
Tues. to Sun.
from 9:00 to 18:00
Free Admission
No.1, Zhongzheng Rd., West Central District, Tainan City 70041, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
(+886) 6-221-7201
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