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Where to Buy
Where to Buy

NMTL publications are available at the following bookstores and online bookstores:

  1. Government Publication Bookstore (NB: please click the “Book Browse” button from Official Publications Echo Network (OPEN) to search).
  2. Songjiang Store of the Government Bookstore (02-25180207/ 1st Floors, No. 209 Songjiang Road, Taipei City).
  3. Wunan Bookstore (04-22260330/ No. 600 Junfu 7th Road, Beitun District, Taichung City)
  4. Cheffresh Café on the 1st Floor of NMTL (06-2214632/ No. 1 Zhongzheng Road, Tainan City, 15% off for all items or sale from time to time)
  5. SMC Publishing Inc (02-23620190/No. 14, Alley 14, Lane 283, Roosevelt Road Section 3, Taipei City)
  6. Tongshan Publications Inc (02-23633072/B1, 9, Lane 333, Roosevelt Road Section 3, Taipei City)
  7. Tainan City Book Store (06-2763093/342 Dongmen Road Section 1, Tainan City)
  8. Taiuan-e-tiam (02-23625799/1st Floor, 6, Lane 76, Xinsheng South Road Section 3, Taipei City)
  9. San Min Book Co., Ltd. (Chongqing South Road Store 02-23617511/ No. 61, Sec. 1, Chongqing South Road, Taipei City) (Fuxing North Road Store 02-25006600/ 386 Fuxing North Road, Taipei City)
  10. Chaoji Used Book Store (06-2216872/No. 71 Nanmen Road, Tainan city)
Online Bookstores
  1. Government Bookstores: http://www.govbooks.com.tw
  2. Wunan Books Online Store: http://www.wunanbooks.com.tw/
  3. San Min Book Online Store: http://www.sanmin.com.tw/

Q: If I pay by postal transfer, will the NMTL send the books to me?

A: Sorry, we don’t accept postal transfer at the moment. Please contact our dealers (Government Bookstore, Wunan Books, SMC Publishing Inc, Tongshan Publications Inc, Tainan City Book Store, Taiuan-e-tiam, Book Start Club, and San Min Book Co., Ltd.). They have stores in each city. You can also buy NMTL books from Wunan Books online bookstores.

Q: Where can I look up all the publications of NMTL?

A: You can search the Publications site on the NMTL official website (www.nmtl.gov.tw) and OPEN(http://open.nat.gov.tw).

Q: Where can I buy Volumes 1-6 of The Newsletter of the National Museum of Taiwan Literature?

A: The Newsletter of the National Museum of Taiwan Literature is a trial publicity material that can only be subscribed (free) from NMTL and is not for sale. You can visit the NMTL and complete the subscription form at our information desk, and we will send you the magazines (free).

Q: I want to collect to Volumes 1-6 of the Newsletter of the National Museum of Taiwan Literature, but I am unable to travel to the NMTL. Is there another method to subscribe?

A: Sorry. No mail subscription is provided at the moment. You must visit the NMTL in person to subscribe to the Newsletter of the National Museum of Taiwan Literature. You can also visit the NMTL. If you want to read Volumes 1-6 of NMTL Newsletter, you can go to local county or city libraries, high school libraries, and college and university libraries. We recommend you to check the status of the magazine with the library collection system before going to the library.

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