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Online Exhibits
Online Exhibits
Special Exhibit: Honoré de Balzac: The Napoleon of Literature
Special Exhibit: Honoré de Balzac: The Napoleon of Literature

The 2010 special exhibition, “Honoré de Balzac: The Napoleon of Literature” is the third international exhibition hosted by the NMTL following “For the People: The Three Giants of Russian Literature” and “The Colorful and Charming World of NMTL”. According to the French Institute in Taiwan, this is the first-ever traveling exhibition collaboratively planned by Taiwan and France and independently implemented by Taiwan. Previous French exhibitions held in Taiwan were put together exclusively in France.

Honoré de Balzac is one of the most accomplished and acclaimed authors of the 19th century. His reputation as the “Napoleon of Literature” evokes a line he wrote at the bottom of a painting of Napoleon that captured his commitment to use literature to fight for the dignity of all mankind. “What Napoleon had done by the sword,” wrote Balzac, “I shall achieve with the pen.” From 1834, Balzac began systematically organizing his growing catalogue of novels into topical groupings that, together, described the life in France during the decades after the Revolution. In 1840, he compiled the entirety of this rich and descriptive tapestry of contemporary society under one multivolume series entitled La Comédie Humaine. It included over 90 novels and essays and featured more than 2,400 distinct literary characters. Balzac’s seminal work is a vivid and highly detailed snapshot of French society in the first half of the 19th century. La Comédie Humaine marks a rare milestone in world literature, and is frequently referred to as the encyclopedia of French society.

2010.12.15~2011. 2.15National Museum of Taiwan Literature
2011.3.4~ 2011.4.5National Museum of Taiwan

VenueExhibition Room C, National Museum of Taiwan Literature

Link: http://nmtlxdcm.nmtl.gov.tw/balzactw/

Last Updated on 2013-12-24
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