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Conservation & Preservation
About NMTL Collections

Aim of Collection:
The aim of collection is to preserve and maintain the literary objects of writers, of literary works, and of history data related to Taiwan literature past and present for the research, display, education, and promotion of Taiwan literature present and future, so as to faithfully present Taiwan literature.

Scope of Collection:
The scope of collection includes literary objects of writers, of literary works, and of history data related to Taiwan literature from natives, Dutch and Spanish colonization, the Kingdom of the Chengs, Qing occupation, Japanese colonization, and postwar periods. Regardless of territory, nationality, topic, and language, these literary objects should be historical valuable in the development of Taiwan literature and reflect the multiplicity of Taiwan literature.

Types of Collection:
The collection includes books, periodicals, manuscripts, correspondence, newspapers, photos, audiovisual data, paintings and calligraphic works, artifacts, etc.

Acceptance of Literary Objects:
To ensure the quality and quantity of collections, and the effective use of collection resources, the value and storage condition of the literary objects must be carefully assessed. A Collection Review Committee is established to provide objective and impartial consultation.
Museum staff should number each object, photograph them, measure their exact dimensions, and confirm the quantity (particularly the number of pages in a manuscript). Then, staff should clean up the objects, remove the staples and tape (if any, or ask help from a conservator). Finally, all related data (including catalogue number, photographs document, dimensions, quantity unit, location, etc) will be input in the Literary Object Collection System.

NMTL’s “Significant Antiquities”

In 2013, the following NMTL’s literary objects are categorized according to the “Cultural Heritage Preservation Act” as “Significant Antiquities.”

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